2014 Chevrolet Sonic Gets More Advanced-Safety Features

Chevrolet has recently revealed that the 2014 version of the Sonic will get more advanced-safety features so as to further ensure that the vehicle will be able to protect its occupants in the event of crash or collision.

Based on the information that Chevrolet has provided in press release which is dated September 9, 2013 and published in the brand’s media site, the 2014 Chevrolet Sonic is now equipped with more advanced-safety features such as the Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Alert and a rear-vision camera.

The same press release also revealed that when the Forward Collision Alert used on the 2014 Sonic is activated, the feature is designed to provide a warning to the driver in the event that they are approaching to another vehicle in front at a faster speed. Once the warning is given, the driver will most likely decrease the Sonic’s speed and adjust the vehicle’s distance with the one which is in front. Thus, this particular function is deemed important since this could help prevent the occurrence of a frontal collision.

In addition to that, the press release also explained that the 2014 Chevrolet Sonic becomes more safer since this is now equipped with the Lane Departure Warning. The main function of this feature according to Chevrolet is to warn the driver of the Sonic in the event that the system sees that this veering away from the designated marked roadway lane. Given such warning, the driver would be reminded that the vehicle needs to be steered in the correct lane. Thus, this helps prevent any collision from other vehicles.

The rear-vision camera on the other hand provides the driver of the Sonic with a clearer vision of all the stationary objects that are located behind. The images obtained by the camera are displayed on a 7-inch digital touch-screen which is included on the Chevrolet MyLink feature.

Given such improvements in the safety features of the 2014 Chevrolet Sonic, a lot of car experts firmly believe that Chevrolet is very much willing in further uplifting the image of the subcompact car when it comes to occupant safety since the Sonic is considered as one of the brand’s bestselling models especially for buyers who are under 35 years of age.

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