Engineers Made the Silverado the Most Corrosion-Resistant Truck

Chevrolet confirmed that the 2014 version of the Silverado is currently considered as the most corrosion-resistanttruckthat the brand has in its stable.

According to the brand, the company’sengineershave designed the 2014 version of theChevrolet Silveradoto become resistant to corrosion. This particular strategy was implemented on theChevrolet Silveradosince the company has realized that almost all of the light-dutypickuptruckmodels that are on the road right now are very prone to corrosion and this problem will most likely prevent such vehicles from providing the basic functions that the buyers expect them to provide.

In a press release that was published on its media site, the brand has briefly detailed the methods that the company’sengineershave employed in order to strengthen the protection of theChevrolet Silveradoagainst corrosion.

First off, Chevy explained that its engineers who were involved in the development of the 2014 version of theChevrolet Silveradoused zinc-coated or galvanized steel on the roof and all of the body panels of pickuptruckexcept for its hood. This is because the zinc-coated steel was proven to be corrosion resistance. In addition to that, Chevy has also made use of aluminum alloy in making the hood of thetruck. This is also viewed as a good move since aluminum alloy is also resistant to corrosion and helps reduce the vehicle’s weight.

Aside from that, theengineersalso improved the hem flange sealing on the doors and hood of the pickup. They also applied an additional amount of underbody flange sealing to keep the joints of thetruckdry and prevent these from deteriorating due to moisture.

Chevyalso revealed that its engineers used the improved and extensive protection for the chassis of the pickupso as to enhance its appearance as well as prolong the life of the components of the vehicle that are found under its body.

Finally,Chevyhas also conducted an accelerated testing of the measures that were implemented on the Silverado so as to make sure that such practices would be able to provide the expected output. Such evaluations lasted for a few months butChevyexplained that such tests are quite similar to the conditions that the pickup would be experiencing for ten years on the road.

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