2012 Nissan Leaf Limousine Makes its Official Debut

The 2012 Nissan Leaf was once again used as a new type of vehicle which no one has previously imagined it would. This time, the latest version of the Leaf was modified to look like a limousine and used as shuttle vehicle of a hotel located in Nashville, Tennessee. The limousine version was revealed a few months after the first police version of the Nissan Leaf was unveiled in Portugal last July.

Based on the information provided by reliable sources, the Limo version of the Leaf was created by a Missouri-based company after they were contracted by the Embassy Suites Nashville South hotel to produce such vehicle. In order to cope up with the specs that the hotel has set, the Missouri-based company made a few modifications on the original setup of the 2012 Nissan Leaf.

According to Nissan, the modification has added about 400lbs of weight on the vehicle. The limo is also using a single battery pack and this is currently installed on the back of the vehicle. This setup was specifically made to improve the vehicle’s balance and at the same time make the modification process quite simple. In addition to this, the additional 400lbs of weight were concentrated on the vehicle’s center and this was intended to provide more room inside the car and stretch its maximum seating capacity.

In order to make the modified Leaf look like the other limousines, the company that was contracted to modify it has filled the vehicle’s interior with cedar paneling, they also added a number of mirrors inside, and changed the Leaf’s seat covers with soft leather to make the cabin look upscale as well as elegant. Although the vehicle’s room retained its white color, the modification has changed the material used in this area into vinyl.

But despite of the modifications and changes that were made on the 2012 Nissan Leaf to turn this into a limousine, Nissan has not provided any negative remarks. This is because the essential components and layout of the Leaf has remained intact. Nissan might have seen this as an opportunity to show the buying public that the Leaf is versatile and could be converted to other types of vehicle without necessarily changing its overall mechanism.

As of the present, the limousine version of the Leaf is used as a shuttle service for guests who would travelling at a distance of less than five miles from the hotel’s exact location. In addition to this, the limo version of the Leaf is currently considered as the first licensed and reliable electric limousine that could be legally driven on the streets.

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