2013 Ford Focus ST Features the New Sound Symposer

Ford has previously revealed that the 2013 Ford Focus ST has obtained a new feature which is called as the “Sound Symposer” and this will initially be available for European drivers.

According to Ford, the company has decided to offer the newly-developed Sound Symposer on the 2013 Focus ST which is powered by the 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine. The car maker has further explained that this new feature was designed to provide the driver of the Focus ST with greater driving satisfaction while seated behind the steering wheel.

When asked about the specific function of the Sound Symposer, Ford explained that this was basically a device that manipulates the sound of the engine that reaches the vehicle’s cabin. The Symposer works by allowing the driver as well as the other car occupants to hear a “sportier” roar when the vehicle undergoes a heavy acceleration.

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