2014 Chevrolet Sonic to come with Limited-Edition Colors

Chevrolet confirmed that the 2014 version of the Sonic will now be offered with two limited-edition colors that are dubbed as the “Deep Magenta” and the “Cool Blue.”

Based on the information obtained from the Chevrolet, the move to add the two limited-edition colors on the 2014 Chevrolet Sonic was basically brought about by the carmaker’s continued efforts in scouring new design products for its “individualists” consumers.

Chevrolet has also shared that the move was also triggered by the realization that about one-third of the Sonic buyers are considering the exterior color as one of the most important factors that could influence their vehicle choices. Since the percentage of Sonic buyers who treat the exterior color as one of the most significant factors in determining their next vehicle option is higher, Chevrolet immediately flexed its resources to come up with new limited-edition colors.

After a long and careful research, Chevrolet’s design team started developing the “Deep Magenta Metallic.” Chevrolet’s design team actually did a lot of research on high-end furniture galleries, fashion runways and even on a number of consumer products.

Aside from the Deep Magenta Metallic, Chevrolet will also introduce the “Cool Blue” which is a greyish dirty blue color. This will be available from the month of November of this year until March next year. It was also known that this will be followed by the “Dragon Green” in the first quarter of the upcoming year but this color will then be permanently added to the Sonic lineup for 2014.

The magenta-colored Sonics on the other hand will be hitting the market in the month of August of this year and will be available until the month of October of the current year.

Chevrolet also hinted that the 2014 Chevrolet Sonic with the magenta color will be sold at a starting price of $18,585 including the destination charge of $825. The Sonic will also be offered with a package that includes Deep Magenta color together with a sunroof, foglamps and MyLink radio. However, opting for this package would lead buyers to spend an additional $990. In addition to that, the package also requires the buyer to go for the 2014 Chevrolet LT.

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