2014 Ford Transit Connect and Transit Made its Official Debut

The 2014 versions of the Ford Transit and the Transit Connect that the company is planning to sell in some of the automobile markets in Europe have finally made their debut last September 6, 2012. The vehicles’ debut allowed the European buyers to take the first and closer look at Ford’s upcoming new range of commercial vans.

But aside from allowing the European buyers to take a first look at the European versions of the 2014 Transit and Transit Connect, Ford through its spokesman Mike Levine has also stressed out that both of these vehicles will also make their official debut in North America in the near future. Unfortunately, Ford has refused to reveal the launching dates and the respective prices of the two models mentioned earlier.

But despite of the company’s failure to reveal the launch date of the two models, Ford has confirmed that the 2014 versions of the Transit and the Transit Connect will serve as the replacement for Ford’s E-Series range that most of the company’s North American dealerships have been selling for a few years now.

The American car maker has also hinted that the 2014 version of the Transit and the Transit Connect will be produced in the company’s assembling plant which is located in Kansas City. The said plant is also in-charge of the production of the iconic Ford F-150 pickup truck.

The 2014 Ford Transit and Transit Connect that will be sold in the North American Market including the US will most likely be available with a number of engine options that buyers could choose from. A lot of buyers are also expecting that the 2014 lineup of the Transit and the Transit Connect will most likely include the models that are powered by a 3.5-liter EcoBoost and a more powerful diesel engine.

Aside from that, there are also a lot of indications that the 2014 Transit and Transit Connect would be available in the US in different body styles, roof heights, and wheel bases. Given these possibilities, a lot of car experts are looking forward as to how the US car buyers would accept the two commercial van models that Ford is planning to introduce.

But because Ford has not yet announced the actual release date of the US-bound Transit and Transit Connect, all the buyers could do is patiently wait for the car maker to announce as to when these models would be available in the company’s dealership lots all over the country.

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