2014 Volkswagen Passat and Jetta to Get the First VW’s New Car-Net

After hinting that the company will be offering its own in-car assistance system dubbed as the Car-Net, Volkswagen has finally confirmed that such system will be first offered on the Passat, Jetta, Tiguan, Beetle, Eos and the CC.

Aside from the confirmation, Volkswagen has also explained that the Car-Net which is considered as an in-car assistance system and will debut on the CC, Passat, Tiguan, Beetle and other selected models was basically created to compete with the BMW Assist and GM’s OnStar.

Given such claim, the Car-Net was designed to provide some of the basic features offered by its competitors along with a number of new functions. The system according to Volkswagen will come with features such as the remote vehicle status, service appointment scheduling and the automatic crash notifications. The German carmaker also stressed that the system will not be available on the models mentioned earlier but only to some of their existing trims.

Volkswagen also discussed that the Car-Net will also be priced just like GM’s Onstar. However, upon purchasing a vehicle which is equipped with the Car-Net system, the buyers will not be charged with any amount for the first six months since this serves as the trial period. As soon as the trial period expires, the consumers will then be given a chance to select some of the existing payments which includes the yearly fee of $199 or the monthly subscription which costs $17.99.

Based on this setup, many car experts have learned that the Car-Net subscription is also similar to that of the BMW Assist which is $199. The only difference is that BMW pays for a year subscription of the models that were built in 2006 and four years for those that were built in 2007 onwards.

Finally, Volkswagen has also shared that aside from the features mentioned earlier, the Car-Net system also features the Boundary Alert which allows the car owner to provide definite virtual boundaries on a map found online. As soon as the vehicle goes beyond the geofences identified, the owner will then be notified either through email or text.

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