5 Easy Steps in Changing the Tire of a Car

Car owners should know the basic procedures in changing the tiresof their car. It is an easy work to those who are used in doing this. It is hard for those who has limited about the proper procedures. The easy steps to in changing tires are enumerated below.

Changing the Tire of a Car

Step 1: Prepare the tools needed

Prepare the tools you need before changing the tire of your car. This allows you to save time and effort. The appropriate tools for this job are the tire iron, a jack, and the spare tire. Place them in a spot within your reach.

Step 2: Change Tire in a Safe Area

Consider your personal safety when changing tires. Park the car in a safe place. When you are on the road, park the car on the shoulder of the road and keep the caution lights on to warn other vehicles passing by. When changing the tire at home, park the car in an open area or a shady spot to make the work more comfortable.

Step 3: Loosen the Lug Nuts

Start changing the tires by loosening the lug nuts. When your car has a manual transmission, it is advisable to shift it to the first or reverse gear. This prevents the tire from rotating when you loosen the nuts. This also allows you to properly turn the nuts although the tire is hanging. Tire hanging makes the job easier by providing you greater leverage.

Step 4: Use the Jack

Use the jack to elevate the car. Most jacks have grooves that fit properly in a particular place in the car. Raising the car using this tool allows you to remove the old tire and replace it with a new one. This also helps in tightening the nuts after placing the new tire.

Step 5: Replace the Old Tire with a New One

Remove the old tire and replace it with a new one. There are numerous established brands, like Goodyear tire, to choose from.

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