5 Steps to Leasing a New Car

Leasing a new car allows you to pay lower monthly payments. It allows lower cash outlay and tax bites. There are five easy steps to leasing a new car.


First Step: Look for Dealers That Offer Lease Contracts

Choose where to lease the car. Look for car dealers that offer better car lease deals. Do not tell the car dealers about your exact lease plan. This prevents them from taking advantage of your lack of information.

Leasing a New Car

Second Step: Choose a Rational Deal

Before going to car dealers make sure to do some research first. One of the best ways to do this is by doing online search. The internet has a lot of information about cars. Search for a site that allows you to find-out the specifics of the car you are interested in. There are sites maintained by car dealers that present the car’s average price. This price is usually below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.


Third Step: Demand for a Written Lease Contract

Before closing the lease deal, ask for a copy of the written lease contract. This is to make sure that all of the agreed-upon things are included on a document. Check the terms and conditions of the contract before leaving. Ask questions when any provision included is vague.


Fourth Step: Take Note of the Lease’s Payments, Terms, and Conditions

The fourth step suggests that the owner should familiarize himself with the total amount that needs to be paid. This also includes the down payment and the monthly bills. The owner should also look at the insurance policy of the vehicle. It is at this point that the car leasing process is nearly complete.


Fifth Step: Sign the Important Documents

Finally, the last step involves the closing of the car lease deal. This is done by signing the contracts, necessary documents, and the payment of fees. The car leasing process is completed when the buyer drives home the new car.

When the car lease process is completed, the obligation of the buyer to the dealer is not yet finished. The car buyer should stick to the terms included in the car lease contract. It is important that the buyer should always bear in mind that leasing a car does not mean ownership of the vehicle. The condition is essentially renting the car. The lease should be completed in a shortest possible time for the cost of leasing would exceed the real price of the car when it reaches 10 years.

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