A Block Heater Saves Fuel and Protects Your Engine

For car owners one of the biggest expenses, and the one they have the least amount of control over, comes with fuel.

It seems these days the price of gasoline rises with the sun each morning, making a fill up more and more expensive.

Warming up the Engine is Crucial

Yes, driving habits, avoiding quick acceleration for one thing, and not driving aggressively for another, can have an impact on your fuel consumption, but for drivers in cold climates face the prospect of burning fuel each morning before they even go anywhere. That fuel use comes when they allow their vehicle to warm up.

Block Heaters Can Help

Fortunately for drivers in cold weather climates there is a device known as an engine block heater which can be used to help you avoid running your vehicle for those few extra minutes every morning because it has kept your motor warm for you.

According to research conducted by Environment Canada (where winter temperatures almost always drop well below zero) a block heater can save as much as 25 percent of your fuel costs on a short trip.

Warming your vehicle up on cold winter mornings is a crucial step for protecting your engine from extreme wear and tear. Before the engine warms up it will burn more fuel and emissions will increase dramatically.

Keeps Your Oil Running Smooth

Another factor to consider, when a cold engine starts the oil is sluggish and less likely to move about the inside of your motor and properly lubricate engine parts. This is very bad for your motor. A block heater keeps your oil warm and makes it much easier for the oil pump to circulate it around the pistons and provide the optimum protection your motor needs.

Your Heater Will Blow Warm Air Sooner

Keeping your coolant warmed up and your engine warmed up with a block heater also means your heater will start working faster. No more letting the car idle uselessly in the garage while you waste gas waiting for the vehicle cabin to get warm. Warm coolant means the air will start blowing warm almost right away.

With an electric block heater you can use a timer on the outlet to make certain the heater turns on just a couple hours before you are ready to drive away, so there is no worry of wasting electricity all night long. Or, if you never know when you might jump in your vehicle to go you can leave it on and your vehicle is ready to go at a moment

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