Acura Sedan: A guide on how to compare Acura trims

If you are looking for a car that provides good ride, pleasant interior and greater safety, an Acura sedan is a good option. This vehicle is stylish, comfortable, and not so flashy. Acura at present offers three models of sedans which include the Acura RL, Acura TL, and Acura TSX.

2010 Acura TL sedan

2010 Acura TL sedan

The 2010 Acura TL sedan is currently available in 8 trims. These trims are the following:

  • 5-speed AT
  • 5-speed AT SH-AWD
  • 5-speed AT with Tech Package
  • 5-Speed AT with Tech Package and 18-In.
  • 5-Speed AT SH-AWD with Tech Package
  • 6-Speed MT SH-AWD with Tech Package
  • 5-Speed AT SH-AWD with Tech Package and HPT
  • 6-Speed MT SH-AWD with Tech Package

These trims are luxury cars with four doors and seating capacity of up to 5 persons. These cars have 280 horsepower at 6200rpm with torques of 254 at 5000 rpm. The Acura TL trims are equipped with 6 cylinder engines with 4 valves in each cylinder. The interiors are fitted with carpets, adjustable headrests, and foldable armrests. The driver

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