As Nervous Consumers Start to Relax Car Sales Could Rise

There is no disputing that automakers have been among the hardest hit business sectors during the recent global economic downturn. Finally, however, it appears there might some light at the end of the tunnel as consumers begin to unlock their wallets and shell out money for brand new vehicles.

Economists, analysts and market researchers are joining the chorus of those who say the end of the Great Recession is finally upon us and better days are just around the corner.

Car Sales Could Rise

Chief among the signs that auto sales have finally turned a corner is the estimate that nearly 14 million vehicles will be sold this year. Far eclipsing the number sold the last few years. In 2009 they moved just 10.6 million vehicles and in 2010 they moved a slightly improved 11.5 million vehicles.

According to the Jitters Index, published by CNW Marketing, Inc. of Bandon, Oregon,

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