Audi Introduces New Rearview Mirror

Audi has recently confirmed that the company is planning to introduce a new type of rearview mirror. Based on the information provided by the car maker, the digital rearview camera will make its official debut on the 2013 Audi R8 E-tron.

Audi has decided to use the digital rearview camera on the 2013 R8 E-tron since the rearward visibility of this vehicle is very low. This simply means that the introduction of the digital rearview mirror was actually brought about by the E-tron’s need for this.

The digital rearview mirror that will be mounted on the 2013 Audi R8 E-tron was first used on the R18 E-tron Quattro as well as the R18 racecars at the Le Mans 24 hours.

Audi refers to this digital rearview mirror as the intelligent camera or the monitor system. This system uses an advanced and very lightweight camera which is mounted on the vehicle’s rear. The camera is connected to a 7.7-inch colored screen which is mounted on the area inside the vehicle where the conventional rearview mirror is installed.

The ultra-lightweight camera that was mounted on the vehicle’s rear captures the images of all the objects that are located behind the car. The images that the camera has captured are then transmitted to the colored monitor. Since the camera was built using the most advanced components, this is capable of providing the driver with a realistic view of the rear.

Aside from that, Audi has also stressed out that the materials used on the vehicle’s display monitor are capable illuminating itself even at a lower voltage. Due to this mechanism, the display monitor does not require any backlighting device.

Audi is also confident that this technology will become successful since a lot of cellular phones manufacturers as well as those who are involved in the production of similar devices have been using the same principle that the intelligent camera is using. In addition to this, Audi is very optimistic that the use of this monitor system will further improve the safety features of the R18 E-tron.

As of the present, the company has not yet confirmed on whether this technology will also be used on the conventional vehicles produced by Audi or not.

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