Auto liability insurance facts

Auto liability insuranceis one of the common policies offered by car insurers. This covers some of the expenses caused by an accident. This also protects car owners and others from getting financially ruined. Besides these, there are other facts that car owners need to know about the auto liability insurance such as the following:
Auto liability insurance

Auto Liability Insurance has two types

There are two types of auto liability insurance. The first type is used to cover the expenses for the injuries caused by the accident to others. The second one is used to pay all the damages acquired from the accident. These types are commonly known as:

  1. Bodily Injury Liability which is used to pay for the medical costs and the wages lost due to accident. The insurer handles the expenses within a specified limit indicated on the policy. The first limit is the amount used to pay for the injuries caused to other persons while the second is the total amount that the insurer needs to pay for the entire claim.
  2. Property Damage Liability which used to pay for the properties damaged by the accident. This also covers the settlement expenses when the car owner who caused the accident is sued as well as the attorney

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