Auto safety ads: New form of Public Safety Announcement tactic

Auto safety ads are currently used as new form of Public Safety Announcement (PSA). These commercials are used not only to promote cars manufactured by different car makers but also as a way of raising awareness for vehicle owners and drivers. Most of these ads are broadcasted on televisions and posted on the internet to remind motorists of the possible results of even the slightest negligence when driving.

These efforts were probably brought about by the increasing cases of road accidents. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) majority of these accidents involve teen drivers ages 16-19. This also includes those that were newly licensed. Given these findings, teenagers are viewed as high risk motorist with the greater possibility of being involved in an accident. This age bracket are also prone to bad driving habits such as drunk driving, driving while texting, and talking while driving.

In order to educate teenage and grown-up drivers, auto safety ads are used to enhance awareness of the risks involved in driving. Most auto safety ads are centered on showing the negative results of bad driving habits while some of these ads are encouraging drivers to use the safety devices of the vehicle.

PSA Texting while Driving U.K. Ad [HD]

This auto safety ad presents the possible results of texting while driving. The recorded video showed an accident caused by a female driver who is texting while driving. She accidentally departs from her lane and collided with an incoming car. The first crash resulted to several collisions causing injuries to other driver. With the terrifying images shown on the video, this ad is expected to set as an example for other drivers who are fond practicing such habits.

Embrace Life- always wear your seat belt

This ad has a very inspiring message. It simply shows the benefits of using seat belts when driving. The commercial presents that life is precious and this should always be safeguarded even when driving. Using seatbelts prevents the vehicle driver and other car occupants from incurring serious injuries in the event of collision. These safety devices are attached to the car seats to hold the car occupants in place during impact. The safety it provides is then complimented by the airbags installed on the vehicle.

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