Best Imports of 2012- Compare Honda and Toyota

The US automotive market has long been flooded by imported car models. In fact, most of these vehicles are considered as heavyweights in their respective classes since they are equipped with exciting and impressive features that American buyers would want to obtain when buying their vehicles. There are also a number of imported car models that were not able to meet the expectations of US car buyers.

Due to this, many car buyers became aware of the imported car makers that continue to produce and release the best imported vehicle models in the market. As of the present, the vehicles produced by Honda and Toyota are considered as the best imported cars in the US. Since both of these companies have been operating in the US for a long time, they were able to determine their US customers’ vehicle preferences particularly in the mid-size sedan class. As a result, they Honda recently upgraded its best selling mid-size sedan which is the Honda Accord Sedan while Toyota has also revised the features of the Toyota Camry.

In order to help car buyers who are currently searching for the best imported mid-size sedan select the best model that suits their driving needs, a brief comparison of the 2012 Honda Accord Sedan and the 2012 Toyota Camry is provided below. This comparison focuses on the exterior/interior features, performance and handling, number of available trims, and fuel economy of the two mid-size sedans.


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