Best Sedan Makes and Models

Actually, there are many best sedan models in the market but no one could point out a single model or model that is considered to be on top of all the other vehicles. This is because each sedan has its own distinctive qualities that make it unique compared to others and vice versa. However, there are many available choices when selecting that best sedan. Since it is important to choose a vehicle that suits your needs, this article tries to help you with the selection process by providing a list of the bestselling and reliable sedans below.

Toyota Prius

  • The Toyota Prius is considered as one of the best sedan models offered for sale on the market. This vehicle had been on top of the list for a few years. This is because the fuel economy of the Prius is impressive. The Prius has recently reached the 50 miles per gallon mark with its recorded mpg of 51 on the highway and 48 in the city. In addition to this, the Prius is also one of the vehicles with the lowest gas emissions. Since the effort of most car buyers to purchase environment-friendly vehicles is gradually intensifying, the demand for the Prius is expected to increase.
  • The Toyota Camry is also considered by many car buyers as one of the best sedans in the market. This notion has recently been verified by statistics which states that the sales of the Camry had been favourable for the past five years. All throughout the years, the Camry has been competing with the Honda Accord since both of them possess similar features and price. Besides this, both models have 4-cylinder as their base engines. However, the Camry

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