Best-selling Car Models of 2012

lot of car experts are convinced that 2012 is indeed a great year for carmakers that operate within the US automobile market. This is because the current automobile sales statistics revealed that the demand for vehicles has dramatically increased and the trend has gradually elevated the automobile sales figures to a certain level which is similar to those that were recorded before the entire nation was struck by the economic recession.

US carmakers such as Ford and General Motors had their own share of the benefits that were obtained from the continuous increase in the demand for vehicles. Japanese carmakers particularly Honda and Toyota were also among the top earners for 2012.

But when it comes to the individual sales output, the Ford F-Series pickup trucks are considered as the best-selling model in the US for 2012. Based on the information obtained from Ford, the company’s dealerships were able to sell a total of 645,316 units of the F-Series despite of the lack of major redesign implemented on the lineup. In reality, Ford has only implemented a few minor changes on the F-Series but these were quite enough to stir the demand for the model. For 2012, the Ford F-Series has achieved a 10% increase in sales.

The second best-selling car model for 2012 is the Chevrolet Silverado. GM’s dealerships sold a total of 418,312 units of the Silverado in 2012 and this reflects a 1% increase in sales compared to that of last year. A lot of car experts believe that the Silverado’s limited sales increase for 2012 was basically triggered by the lack of major upgrades implemented on it. Due to this observation, many car experts strongly suggest that the GM should try to upgrade the vehicle’s features as well as offer a lot of options to encourage more buyers to purchase the Silverado.

The third spot for the 2012 best-selling cars list went to the Toyota Camry. The Camry’s sales is one of the most significant factors that allowed Toyota to recover from the setbacks that the company has experienced a year after the strongest earthquake struck Japan. According to Toyota, its dealerships have successfully disposed about 404,886 units of the Camry reflecting a 31% increase compared to that of the previous year.

Finally, the Honda Accord and the Civic emerged as fourth and fifth best-selling car model for 2012. The Accord experienced a 41% (331,872) increase in sales while the Civic obtained an increase of 44% (317,909).

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