Best-selling Car Models of December 2012

The last month of 2012 has relatively been a great period for car sellers. This is because a lot of buyers have decided to buy their vehicles and a number of factors pushed them to make their purchases.

By the end of December, most of the car dealerships have noticed that more buyers made their purchases. However, these dealerships have also noticed that some of the best-selling models for the month of December in 2011 have failed to match the individual sales output that they obtained last year.

Although this might not be surprising, the Ford F-Series emerged as the best-selling car of December 2012. Ford’s dealerships were able to sell a total of 68, 787 units of the F-Series. The individual sales figure of the F-Series mentioned earlier was quite enough for the model to claim the top spot of the best-selling list.

The Chevrolet Silverado occupied the second spot. Chevrolet dealers reported that they were able to dispose about 50,960 units of the Silverado for the entire month. A lot of car experts believe that the sales boost experienced by the Silverado and the F-Series were basically triggered by the consumers’ growing needs for hardworking trucks that they could use for business purposes.

The third spot of the December 2012 best-selling car list is the Honda Civic sedan and coupe versions. Honda’s dealerships earned a remarkable sales increase of more than 60 percent compared to what they have obtained in December 2011. Based on the company’s records, a total of 33,118 units of the Civic sedan and coupe were sold in the last month of 2012. Such increase might have been triggered by the revisions implemented by Honda on the 2013 Honda Civic sedan and coupe.

The Toyota Camry which is considered as one of the most popular car model in America was only able to claim the fourth spot with a total of 31,407 units sold for the month of December. The Ram Pickup claimed the fifth spot of the best-selling car list with about 30,211 units sold.
Other popular car models such as the Chevrolet Cruze (21,230), Hyundai’s Sonata (20,826) and Ford’s Escape (20,131) failed to enter the top-ten list.

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