California Legalizes the Use of Self-driving Cars

The state of California has recently took another step towards the realization of placing more driverless cars on public roads by signing a law that legalizes the testing, licensing, and massive use of this type of vehicle.

Based on the information obtained from reliable sources, Jerry Brown who is the current governor of the state of California has signed the law that would promote and help in developing driverless cars last Tuesday, September 25, 2012.

The signing of the law happened on the said date at the signing ceremony held at Google’s headquarters. Prior to the formal signing of the law, Governor Jerry Brown rode a Toyota Prius which is capable of driving itself. This Prius was actually developed by Google since it started working on with self-driving technology in 2010.

The law is expected to take effect next year and this is intended to allow the developers of driverless cars to test, explore, and improve the vehicle’s actual running mechanism. In addition to this, the law was also designed to establish a standardized performance and safety regulations that would govern all of the undertakings that would possibly led to the development, mass production, and actual use of driverless cars on public roads all over California.

Although this law has already been signed, Governor Jerry Brown and all of the individuals who are involved in this particular undertaking were convinced that it would still take a few more years before the self-driving autonomous vehicle. Thus, the contents and the provisions included in this law are expected to change as the years go by.

Aside from Governor Brown, State Senator Alex Padilla who is the bill’s sponsor and Sergey Brin who is Google’s co-founder also rode the modified version of the Prius on their way to Google headquarters to sign the law.

Google has also stressed out that they are not planning to build their own version driverless cars. Instead, the development and finalization of this technology will be left to some of the key players in the automotive industry.

As of the present, popular car makers such as Ford Motor Company, BMW AG, Honda Motor Company, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai Motor Corporation, Nissan Motor Company, Toyota Motor Corporation, Volvo AB, and Volkswagen AG are currently developing their own versions of self-driving autonomous vehicles.

Aside from California, other states such as Florida and Nevada have also passed the applicable laws that would allow the development, testing, and mass production of driverless cars. This technology has been a very popular issue in the US automobile industry since this is expected to improve the quality of life and decrease the number of fatalities caused by vehicular accidents in almost every area worldwide.


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