Chevrolet Displays the Classic and New Camaros at the SEMA Show

Chevrolet participated in the 2012 SEMA Show held in Las Vegas with an array of classic and newly designed Camaros to symbolize the brand’s commitment and legacy of supplying its consumers with high-performance vehicles.

Chevrolet has previously confirmed that their SEMA Show entry will be dominated by Camaros starting with the production version of the 2013 Camaro Hot Wheels Edition. However, by the time that Chevrolet was able to finalize the vehicles that it would be showcasing at the prestigious show, the number of Camaros that were included on their entry eventually swelled and this is because they decided to add six more models to the previously announced lineup.

Prior to the opening of the show, Chevrolet decided to include 1967 Hot Wheels Camaro Concept in its SEMA-bound lineup. This Camaro packs a powertrain that connects an LS3 engine which is capable of producing a maximum power output of up to 430 horsepower to a 4L65-E 4-speed automatic transmission.

Aside from its impressive powertrain, Chevrolet has chosen the 1967 Hot Wheels Camaro Concept as one of the vehicles that they would be showcasing at the 2012 SEMA Show since this vehicle reflects the brand’s commitment of paying tribute to the original Hot Wheels toy dubbed as the “Camaro Custom.”

Since copying the actual appearance of the toy would make the full-size car look cartoonish, the brand’s personnel spearheaded by Chevrolet’s Design Manager Dave Ross decided to implement a few tweaks on the actual car. Ross and his team tweaked the car’s stance, wheels, and proportions so as to improve its appearance. However, they retained the styling cues and body lines that were seen on the toy. Thus, the final appearance of the concept version became more attractive yet intimidating.

The second model that was included on Chevrolet’s lineup for the 2012 SEMA Show is the Camaro ZL1 that was designed with the help of 3-time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Tony Stewart. Stewart’s participation in the production of this ZL1 ended up with the creation of a 580 horsepower muscle car which is equipped with a customized metallic gray accented exterior with silver pinstripes, tribal, and smoke graphics. The finished product bears Stewart’s name and matched with an interior with similar theme.

Finally, the third classic SEMA-bound model was the 2012 COPO Camaro Convertible. This vehicle is one of the drop-top versions of the Camaro and the last unit of the 69 Copo Camaro racecars that that was produced by Chevrolet in 2012. After its appearance at the 2012 SEMA Show, this Camaro will go straight to the 2013 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction that will be held in January. The proceeds obtained from auctioning this vehicle will go to the American Heart Association.

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