Chevrolet Malibu Features Passive Entry Technology

Chevrolet has once again made a significant breakthrough in one of its car models in the market and this is by offering the passive entry technology in the latest version of the Chevrolet Malibu.

Based on the information included in a press release dated April 29, 2013, Chevrolet revealed that the brand has decided to offer the passive entry technology as an optional feature for the Chevrolet Malibu LTZ.

Chevrolet explained that the passive entry technology is a helpful feature for Malibu LTZ owners particularly to those who usually frantically search for the car’s keys inside their purses and to those who always carry heavy groceries or children making the search for such keys quite inconvenient. This is because the passive entry technology allows the driver of the vehicle to unlock the door with a single press and open the 4 doors as well as the trunk of the car with two presses.

Chevrolet has stressed that the passive entry technology could be considered as breakthrough for the Malibu since this is only offered in most luxury cars and not on most midsize sedans. The technology makes use of the closed-loop communication system offered on the Malibu. Through this system, the vehicle verifies that the appropriate key fob is located at an acceptable range which is about three feet away. As soon as the car recognizes the presence of the key fob, the system will automatically activate and allow the driver to open the doors with just a single or two presses on the small buttons installed in all of the Malibu’s four doors.

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