Choosing the Right Fuel Efficient Vehicle

There are a number of things to consider before buying a fuel efficient vehicle. Fuel consumption, vehicle design and specifications and operating costs are some of the major considerations.

Do yourself a favor before you buy or even start looking for a fuel efficient vehicle: do your homework.

First, do some research before you even start looking. Check web sites, vehicle reviews and consumer advocacy groups. Try to find out as much as you can about all the available fuel efficient vehicles in your price range. Once you have narrowed down your options to a chosen few which meet your requirements then you can head out the door and start looking for actual hardware.

Right Fuel Efficient Vehicle

If fuel efficiency is your main goal then you better check the label. The EnerGuide Label. Every new car sold has an EnerGuide Label posted on the vehicle. This special label shows city and highway fuel consumption ratings and the estimated annual fuel cost for that specific vehicle.

Be certain you choose a vehicle which fits your specific needs. If you only need something to get you short distances back and forth to work, then there is no need for a larger model vehicle.

Ask yourself some simple questions before you decided. Do you need to transport cargo? Do you need to carry passengers? Do you need a sub-compact or a mini-van? What type of vehicle you want to drive could have a big impact on how much you are going to pay for your new vehicle and what type of fuel economy you can expect to get from it.

Engine specifications are also important when you are looking for fuel economy. Manufacturers make the cars we want, not always the most efficient vehicles they can.

A manual transmission vehicle will have a much higher fuel efficiency than an automatic transmission vehicle. The same if true for a two-wheel drive vehicle versus a four-wheel drive vehicle. The additional weight and drive train will cost you more fuel efficiency. All-wheel drive systems also greatly increase fuel consumption.

When it comes to fuel efficiency you also need to consider the various accessories available in today

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