Convert Your Car to Cash

Looking to sell your car but need to get the best possible deal? Then you need to avoid the dealers and do the job yourself.

By selling your vehicle as an individual you will reap all the profits for your hard work. Dealers have employees who need to be paid and a hefty overhead they need to account for, so it is very unlikely they will give you what you need for your vehicle.

Sell Your Car

Get More for Your Car

If you can handle doing all the legwork yourself you stand to make a lot more by selling the car privately.

The first thing you need to do is find out what your used vehicle is worth. You can check the Blue Book value of the car and do your best guess as to matching the condition, but you should also consider having the vehicle checked out by a mechanic. You also should make a list of all recent repairs you have had done to the vehicle and include this information for the buyer.

You can also try comparing the vehicle you have to sell with similar vehicles for sale online or those listed in your local newspaper. Every market is different. A Volkswagon might be more valuable to someone in California than for someone in Alaska, so don

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