Electric Car Buying Tips

If you are considering buying an electric car you might want to do your research first.

Electric Car Buying Tips

Do the Research

Doing research before buying a new vehicle is not a new idea. For most of us a new vehicle is a major purchase that will require monthly payments and a hefty down payment. Your vehicle needs to be reliable and as maintenance free as possible. Investigating your new vehicle before you hand over any cash is always a great idea.

Decide Which Type You Want

With electric vehicles there are two basic questions: do you want an all-electric or a hybrid electric vehicle. Right now you have the choice between a vehicle that runs on electricity and only electricity, or one which has a gasoline or fossil fuel engine to supplement the electrical power.

Hybrid electric cars run either the fossil fuel motor or battery power which they get by running the fossil fuel motor. Some hybrid electric vehicles offer a plug-in option so you can charge the batteries while not in motion. All electric vehicles run completely off battery power. When the batteries are dead the car cannot move. All-electric cars need a charging station to recharge the batteries.


Right now there federal and state incentives to buy electric and hybrid electric vehicles. Electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles cost a little more than traditional fossil fuel vehicles, so the government offers incentives to offset these costs.

Right now all U.S. taxpayers are offered a $7,500 tax credit, if you have a minimum $7,500 tax liability. If you don

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