EPA to Review the Fuel Economy Claims of the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid and the C-Max

The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA according to a number of reliable sources might review the fuel economy claims that Ford has published for its 2013 Fusion Hybrid and the C-MAX.

The EPA’s plan to review such claims was actually triggered by a number of complaints that are aimed against the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid and the 2013 Ford C-Max’s fuel economy claims. Ford has previously boasted that both of these vehicles were able to obtain the combined fuel economy ratings of 47 miles per gallon. However, a number of owners have complained that these claims are not true.

The Green Car Reports for example has taken the 2013 Ford C-Max to a series of test drives and their tests revealed that the vehicle has only averaged about 40 miles per gallon and this is quite low compared to Ford’s 47 miles per gallon claim.

Consumer Reports has also been vocal about its criticisms on the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid and Ford C-Max’s fuel economy claims. These criticisms came out after Consumer Reports conducted drove both of the vehicles for over a thousand miles on public roads and tests tracks. Consumer Reports’ evaluation revealed that the Ford C-Max was only able to obtain an average of 37 miles per gallon which is 10 miles per gallon lower that what Ford is claiming. The magazine has also rated the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid at 39 miles per gallon which is 8 miles per gallon shy of what the car maker has been claiming.

Due to these complaints and the succeeding tests that were conducted to measure the actual fuel economy ratings of the two vehicle models, EPA will most likely conduct its own test and provide a concrete answer as to whether Ford’s 47 miles per gallon claim is correct or not.

This issue came a few weeks after Hyundai and Kia’s fuel economy fiasco and would probably become the second controversial topic surrounding the fuel economy claims provided by car makers in the US for this year.

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