Fast-charging Standard for Plug-ins and EVs Obtained SAE’s Approval

The SAE International which is formerly known as the Society of Automotive Engineers has finally approved a newly-formulated technical standard that will be responsible for significantly reducing the amount of time that most plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles in the US are spending when charging.

Based on the information obtained from the announcement, SAE International in cooperation with more than 190 carmakers, equipment builders, and utilities were able to develop a new standard that could reduce the charging times of EVs and plug-in hybrid car models from 8 long hours to about 20 minutes.

The newly-approved standard which is backed by car makers from the US and Germany is currently dubbed as “Combo.” The standard has obtained the name “Combo” since this is designed to utilize the combined use of the Level 2 and Level 3 charging.

SAE International has also hinted that the charging time involved when using Combo was significantly reduced since the Level 3 charging is using the current which is as high as 500 volts while the Level 2 charging uses 220 volts and could provide an EV or a plug-in hybrid vehicle with the needed charge for 3 hours. Thus, combining the two Levels resulted to a charging time which is faster than the usual 8 hours.

Given all of these results, SAE was quite confident that the new standard will be of great help to Electric vehicle as well as plug-in hybrid car owners since this will decrease the time that they are spending in public charging stations as well as allow them to travel longer without the need to worry about their vehicles’ charging requirement.

As of the present, many car makers in the US as well as in other automobile markets have pledged their support for the new standard and a good example of this is Ford Motor Company. Based on the statement provided by the car maker, they are supporting the standard since this is compatible with the current charging standards that almost all of the US automakers are using right now.

SAE has also cleared out that the Combo is also a product of the joint effort between the organization and automotive experts from Europe.



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