Ford F-250 Emerged as this Year’s Top Most Stolen Vehicle Model

The two separate reports provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Highway Loss Data Institute revealed that the Ford F-250 obtained the highest theft rate compared to all of the 2010-2012 vehicle models that are currently sold in the market.

The reports from the NHTSA and the HLDI revealed that the Ford F-250 replaced the Cadillac Escalade as the most stolen vehicle model in the US. Due to such findings, a lot of car experts were able to develop a number of theories that try to explain why the Ford F-250 has become the most stolen vehicle in the US and not the Cadillac Escalade which topped the previous year’s most stolen list.

One of the theories that emerged tried to explain that the number of car theft that involves the Cadillac Escalade significantly went down since General Motors exerted a lot of efforts to further improve the anti-theft technologies that are used in all of its vehicle models.

Aside from that, the current findings of the NHTSA and the HLDI triggered a lot of car experts to question the anti-theft technology that Ford is using on the F-250 as well in some of its pickup truck models. To make things worse, the HLDI has previously ruled out that the declining number of car theft cases that were reported this year tremendously declined due to the use ignition immobilizers that prevent thieves from hot wiring the vehicle that they intend to steal and such technology is also used on the F-250. Thus, many shoppers are in doubt with the F-250’s capability to deal with the theft-related situations.

Aside from the immobilizers, Ford has previously announced that the company’s vehicles are armed with the so-called SecuriLock feature that could prevent thieves from starting the vehicles without the keys that are equipped with the computer transponder chips that are specially coded. Unfortunately, this feature still cannot effectively prevent thieves from stealing the F-250.

Aside from the Ford F-250, the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Chevrolet Avalanche 1500 and the GMC Sierra 1500 were also included on the list’s top ten spot.

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