Ford Focus Electric’s Seat Fabrics are derived from Recycled Materials

One of the best reasons why Ford has ventured into the production of electric vehicles such as Ford Focus electric is to prove that the company is very much willing to contribute to the preservation of the natural environment. The Ford Focus Electric was designed to produce lesser amounts of harmful gases compared to the conventional gas-powered version. Due to this, the electric version is considered as more eco-friendly.

But aside from that, the Ford Focus Electric further contributes to the preservation of the natural environment by using the a special type of seat fabric made from unique fiber which is derived from the hybrid blend of recyclable materials particularly plastic bottles. The fiber used on the seat’s fabric is called as the “REPREVE” and this is exclusively manufactured by Unifi Inc.

According to Unifi officials, they are using up to 22 pieces of 16-ounce water bottles to come up with the needed amount of seat fabric for a single unit of a Ford Focus Electric. Due to this setup, the production of this vehicle helps reduce the amount of waste by making use of the plastic water bottles that most individuals would only throw away.

The Ford Focus Electric’s use of recycled materials on its seat fabrics has actually started in 2009. It was on this year that Ford issued a mandate to its fabric suppliers that they should use at least 25 percent of recycled content on the products that they supply to Ford. After that, the company has made sure that the seat fabrics used in all their vehicle models are developed from recycled materials.

Given these facts, it is quite correct to conclude that the Ford Focus Electric contributes to the preservation of the natural environment in two fronts. First, the Ford Focus Electric is using an electric motor as its power source instead of the gas-powered engine and reduces the vehicle’s harmful gas emission. Secondly, the vehicle is also using a fabric derived from recycled materials and these two aspects makes the Ford Focus Electric more eco -friendly compared to its closest competitors.

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