Ford Obtained a Disappointing Rank at the 2012 Annual Auto Reliability Survey

Ford has obtained a very disappointing rank at the 2012 Annual Auto Reliability Survey conducted by Consumer Reports.

The results of the survey that was conducted by Consumer Reports revealed that the vehicle models produce by Ford were among those that are considered not-so reliable. In fact, out of the 28 car brands that were included on this year’s reliability survey, Ford has obtained the rank next to the brand that was considered as the least reliable.

Based on the statements provided by a number of personnel from Consumer Reports who participated in the reliability survey, almost sixty percent of the Ford models that were included on the survey have obtained the reliability scores that are below the average. To make things worse, almost half of the Lincoln models have also obtained similar scores and none of the remaining ones were able to achieve the ratings that are above the average mark.

Due to this, the disappointing rank that Ford has obtained in this survey is expected to create a negative impact on the upcoming sales output of the vehicles produced by Ford since almost all the car buyers at present are attracted to vehicles with higher or even average reliability scores.

Consumer reports pointed out that one of the reasons for the sudden decline of the degree of reliability that the Ford vehicles provide was the presence of a number of problems found on the new and redesigned models produced by the brand, particularly the Ford Explorer, the Fiesta, and the Focus.

In addition to that, Consumer Reports have also blamed the decline in the degree of reliability of Ford vehicles to the brands offering of the electronic infotainment system such as the “MyFord” and the “MyLincoln Touch” since both of these is also reported to be problematic.

Aside from the two reasons mentioned earlier, Ford’s reliability score has also soared down since three of its most reliable models composed of the Ford Fusion, Escape, and the Lincoln MKZ were not included in this year’s survey. This is because the three models were subjected to major redesigns and Consumer Reports has no data regarding their reliability status.

This year’s Annual Auto Reliability Survey was dominated by Japanese brands with the top three spots occupied by Scion, Toyota, and Lexus. Ford’s current ranking is also considered as a fatal blow since two years ago, the brand was regarded as Detroit’s foster child in terms of reliability.


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