Ford Police Interceptor Topped the LASD\’s Tests for Police Vehicles

The all-new version of the Ford Police Interceptor sedan has once again proved that it is the most appropriate vehicle that the police force should use in carrying out their duty as law enforcers. This is because the model has provided a very impressive performance on the recent testing that was conducted by the Los Angeles County Sheriff\’s Department (LASD).

The series of tests conducted by the LASD is held annually and this allows the law enforcement agencies in the US to validate the performance of the vehicles that they are using during hot pursuit operations. To obtain more realistic results, the test given involved a semi-continuous run that covers 32 high-speed laps. The test also measures each vehicle\’s tires durability, robustness of powertrain, and brakes reliability. By looking at these aspects, the evaluators were able to determine as to which of the participating vehicle models is suited to the nature of work that the police agencies provides.

The results of the tests given by the Los Angeles County Sheriff\’s Department revealed that all of the Ford Police Interceptor versions emerged as the topnotchers. The all-wheel drive sedan powered by the 3.5-lter Ecoboost engine provided the fastest acceleration. In fact, the sedan completed the high-speed pursuit test with the fastest average time. The Ecoboost-powered Interceptor outpaced its V-8-propelled competitors by 2 seconds.

The Police Interceptor utility vehicles powered by the 3.7-liter engine finished the 32-lap tests with impressive performance. These utilities were able to finish each lap 2 seconds faster compared to its closest rivals. These vehicles also did well in the braking event. They were able to stop at a distance that is 8 feet better than its competitors.

Finally, the Police Interceptor sedans powered by the 3.5-liter Ti-VCT engine beat the Crown Victoria in the 32-lap high pursuit test. In addition to this, the sedan has also provided a very impressive performance in the city pursuit test compared to its V-powered competitors. Due to these results, Ford has somehow proven that the company is capable of providing the appropriate vehicles needed by the law enforcement agencies in the US.

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