Ford Recalls 23 Units of the 2013 Ford Fusion

Ford Motor Company is once again faced by a recall issue and this time around, the vehicle involved is the 2013 Ford Fusion.

Based on the information from a reliable source from Ford, the US carmaker confirmed that this recall will cover a total of 23 units of 2013 Ford Fusion.

Ford has also revealed that the recall order was issued due to the information that the affected units of the 2013 Ford Fusion’s steering gears were probably manufactured poorly. Some of the company’s on-going investigations revealed that these steering gears might have been manufactured without the internal retaining clip.

Given such information, Ford have issued the recall order since the absence of the so-called internal retaining clip in the affected vehicles’ steering gears might lead to impaired steering. Due to this possibility, the chances of loss of steering control are high and this could result to accident or collision.

Although Ford has not received any report or complaint regarding injuries or accidents caused by the said defect on the affected 2013 Ford Fusion models, Ford has decided to issue the recall order since the defect is quite serious and might cause deaths or serious injuries to the owners and car occupants of the said vehicles in the event of crash.

Ford also announced that 20 of the 23 affected units of the 2013 Ford Fusion were sold in the US, in Canada and the remaining 2 were marketed in Mexico. In the same announcement Ford has stressed that 5 of the affected vehicles were already repaired while the recall order was issued today.

Upon releasing the recall order, Ford has instructed its dealerships to replace the defective steering gear of the affected vehicles and this service will most likely be conducted for free. The carmaker has also announced a particular phone number that the owners of the affected vehicle could use to contact the nearest Ford dealerships and come up with the necessary procedures to have their vehicles repaired.

According to many car experts, this recall issue is only one of the three orders that the US carmaker has issued. Ford is also recalling around 465,000 vehicles due to leaky fuel tanks and about 500 units of 2013 Lincoln MKZ due to faulty block heaters.

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