Ford Recalls a Number of 2011-12 Transit Connects

Ford has recently recalled a number of Transit Connect vans that were produced by the car maker from 2011 to 2012. Based on the information provided by the car maker, the recall order will cover about 16,330 units of Transit Connects.

The recall order was issued by Ford upon knowing that the vehicle’s wiper arms were not riveted properly. Due to this error, there is a great possibility that the wipers that were installed on the driver as well as on the passenger side of the vehicles that were affected would not be able to clear the windshield properly.

Aside from that, the wiper arm might also get detached and any of these possibilities could be considered hazardous since the wipers’ failure to function properly impairs the driver’s vision and this could lead to collision or accident.

In order to repair the defective windshield wipers, Ford issued an announcement requesting the owners of Ford Transit Connect vans that were produced from 2011 to 2012 to bring their vehicles to the nearest Ford dealership for the needed repairs. The announcement has also told the vehicle owners that they could easily determine if their vehicles’ wipers are defective or not. All they need to do is listen to the wipers and determine if each of these generates noises when operational. In case they do, this simply means that the owners should take their vehicles to the dealerships.

The company’s dealerships were tasked to perform the necessary repairs on the vehicles affected by replacing the wiper arm and blade assemblies of the wipers located on the driver and passenger side.

Ford has also stressed out that the wiper arm and blade assemblies that were used as replacements for the defective versions were carefully designed and these are expected to provide the needed function that the older assembly has failed to provide.

Since Ford has issued a voluntary recall order before the defective wiper arm and blade assembly could cause any accident or injury, a lot of car experts currently admire the car maker for doing such. This is because not all car makers have the guts to pull some of its defective vehicles out of the market without any order from some of the federal government agencies such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA.

It is worth noting that the recall has actually started last August 13 and is expected to continue until the majority if not all of the vehicles affected are repaired.

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