Ford to Use Aluminum on the next F-150’s Body

A lot of car experts currently believe that the next generation Ford F-150 might be introduced into the automobile market with an aluminum body. Such belief has actually brought a lot of worries to other car makers in the US who are involved in the production of pickup truck models that compete with the F-150 since Ford’s introduction of some of its new technologies as well as significant breakthroughs in the market greatly affects the sales output of their pickups.

Based on some of the reliable sources from Ford, the company is planning to build the next generation F-150 using aluminum in its body so as to reduce the vehicle’s weight. In the event that the Ford would be able to produce an F-150 with a largely aluminum body, this will surely boost the pickup truck’s fuel economy thereby providing a lot of buyers with an additional reason to consider the F-150 as their top vehicle option.

Given the possibility mentioned earlier, other pickup truck manufacturers were quite alarmed since this will most likely affect the demand for the pickup truck models that they are producing knowing that the F-150 is still considered as one of the heavyweights in the segment.

In addition to that, they also fear that the release of a lightweight and more fuel-efficient version of the F-150 will further widen the sales gap between them and Ford for this year since a similar situation has actually happened in 2011 when Ford first introduced the EcoBoost technology in some of its vehicle models. A lot of buyers opted for the EcoBoost models instead of purchasing those that are offered by other car makers since the former is more fuel-efficient compared to the latter. Thus, most of Ford’s closest rivals experienced a remarkable decrease in their sales output.

As of the present, Ford engineers and vehicle developers are still fixing the potential issues that the use of more aluminum on the Ford F-150 might cause upon the vehicle. A lot of car experts are also expecting that the use of aluminum on the next-generation F150 will also increase the price of the vehicle.

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