Fuel Costs Inspire Car Makers to Focus on Green Power

The Geneva Auto Show is the place for automakers to show off their latest models and attract new buyers with their finest looking vehicles.

Geneva Goes Green

Geneva Goes Green

This year the color of the show is definitely green as automakers redouble their efforts to offer consumers an alternative to gas guzzlers. Gas prices have continued to rise and the industry has been watching. You can expect there to be more Green cars on the market than ever before, thanks to the rising fuel prices.

Five from Ford

Ford Motor Company announced it will be offering five alternative power trains to the European market this summer. It is also making better use of low emissions technology in all its vehicles and bumping up fuel economy.

All Electric Rolls

Rolls Royce will be unveiling its concept vehicle, the all-electric Phantom at the Geneva Auto Show. This is just the sort of upscale model the electric vehicle line has needed to get it some high profile attention. Rolls Royce said it does not intend to put the car into full production, but just putting a few on the road will do a lot to help the electric vehicle market which has so far been high on fuel savings but low on luxury.


BMW, the parent company of Rolls Royce, is rolling out its ActiveE electric vehicle at the Geneva Auto Show. This is the first electric vehicle offered by BMW and interest in buyers, as well as expectations,

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