Fun and Affordable Honda Fit

Looking for a sub-compact with excellent mileage, superior handling and great styling? Look no further than the Honda Fit.

Honda Fit

More Room Than You May Think

The 2011 Honda Fit is everything you might want in a five-door hatchback sub-compact. The Honda Fit also has a lot more room inside than you might expect. The word spacious is often used when describing the 2011 Honda Fit because engineers found a way to move things around to give the occupants more room to stretch their legs.

All the Bells and Whistles

The 2011 Fit also sports fog lights, a roof line spoiler, a roomy cabin with supportive seats, easy-read gauges with blue lighting, ten cup holders an USB audio interface and the ability to rearrange the interior the way you want!

The second-row magic seat folds down to increase space; there is a secret storage box container underneath the floor. When you fold down the seats you are left with a full 57.3 cubic feet of cargo space.
The 2011 Honda Fit had a 1.5 liter engine that churns out 117 horsepower. It is also an ultra-low emissions vehicle according to the California Air Resources Board. It gets a whopping 28 miles per gallon in the city and 35 miles per gallon on the highway.

Safety Too

The Honda Fit is no slouch when it comes to safety either. It comes with a standard complement of six air bags: front, front side and side curtain. It also features Honda

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