GM Might Cancel the Development of Next-Generation Hybrid SUVs and Trucks

General Motors has finally decided to cancel the development of the next-generation hybrid trucks and SUV models that the company is planning to produce and sell in the future, an unconfirmed report says. The report also hinted that this decision might also mean that General Motors would be halting the production of the existing hybrid trucks and SUVs that are currently placed on the company’s production lines.

According to a number of reliable sources from within and outside the company, General Motors might have come up with this particular decision since most of the hybrid truck and SUV models that the car maker has been selling are experiencing lower demands from customers.

Based on the company’s statistics, the demand for the hybrid versions of the Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, and the GMC Yukon remained low since these models were introduced into the market and the sales condition continues to worsen. Thus, the car maker has realized that it would be better for the company to stop the production of the upcoming versions of these vehicles rather than continue what they are doing and incur greater losses as the years go by.

A lot of car makers have also agreed that the rumored decision made by General Motors could also be considered as a wise move since the production costs of producing hybrid SUVs and trucks are very expensive and the expenses incurred could only be replenished if the demands for these models are way too high. These experts also recognized the fact that any failure on the part of General Motors to recover the money that the company has spent for the production of these hybrids might led to higher losses or possible bankruptcy.

Although the report has hinted that General Motors’ decision to cancel the development of the next-generation hybrid SUVs and pickups, this might not be applicable to the production of the current version of and the development of next-generation Cadillac Escalade Hybrid since this vehicle is considered as one of the top vehicle options among rich celebrities and hybrid luxury car buyers.

The Cadillac Escalade hybrid became the top choice among famous celebrities and rich individuals since this vehicle is known for its luxurious and well-appointed interior and exterior layout. In addition to this, the Escalade hybrid is still capable of providing the impressive driving performance that most hybrid luxury vehicles are offering.

In the event that the report regarding the cancellation and development of the next-generation hybrid SUV and truck models except for the Cadillac Escalade hybrid is true, the Escalade will become the only full-size hybrid SUV that General Motors would be producing.



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