Honda to Start the Production of the 2013 Accord in Ohio

Honda confirmed that the company has started the production of the 2013 Honda Accord Sedan in its assembling plant in Ohio. This simply means that Honda is currently wrapping-up all of the needed preparations for the vehicle’s production since the 2013 Honda Accord Sedan was scheduled to hit the US automobile market next month.

Honda has once again designated the company’s assembling plant which is located in the northwestern part of Columbus, Ohio to handle the production of upcoming version of the Honda Accord Sedan since this facility has been doing this duty since 1982 when the company was recognized as the first Japanese car maker to establish its own plant in the US. Thus, Honda’s Ohio plant has already produced about 9 billion units of sedan in its entire existence.

Given its long history of producing sedans, Honda is quite optimistic that the Ohio plant will be able to boost its production capacity because the company is in great need of establishing a sufficient supply of the 2013 Honda Accord Sedans since its predecessor was considered as the second best-selling sedan in the US with a 28% increase in its individual sales output for this year.

Aside from that, Honda wants to stabilize the supply of the 2013 Accord Sedan. This is because the Accord Sedan is classified as a mid-size sedan and the midsize class is currently considered as the most competitive segment in the US automobile market.

The company will also depend on the expertise of its Ohio plant in implementing the full makeover for the Accord sedan. Honda has decided to subject the 2013 Accord Sedan to a full makeover since this would help the model in coping with the upgrades that most of its competitors have been doing. In addition to this, Honda wants to keep pace or even outsell the best-selling midsize sedan in the US market which is the Toyota Camry.

Toyota’s dealerships were able to sell 243, 816 units of the Camry last year and this is about

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