Honda’s Future Might Depend on US Research and Development Team

The continuous increase in the value of the Japanese “yen” is starting to become a major issue for Honda Motor Company in Japan. This is because any increase in the value of the yen also increases the expenses that the car maker is spending for the development of its upcoming vehicle models. Due to this condition, there is a great possibility that Honda’s R&D team in Japan would most likely hand over the task of developing the company’s future car models to their American counterparts.

Given this possibility, it is quite important for Honda’s R&D team in North America to prepare for the sudden increase in the number of responsibilities that they would possibly handle. Fortunately, Honda’s North American R&D team has obviously anticipated this event to happen and this assumption was recently proven by a statement quoted from one of the team’s highest personnel.

In a statement provided by the current North American R&D chief in the person of Erik Berkman at a summit that was held in Traverse, Michigan, Berkman stressed out that he and his team are preparing to perform the necessary steps to handle the added responsibilities that the company might place on their hands. In addition to this, Berkman has stated that his team is willing to do everything just to provide the needs of consumers in North America.

Upon hearing Berkman’s statement, a lot of car experts in the US tried to conduct their own assessments and most of them came up with similar conclusions. Majority of these car experts are convinced that the current economic condition in Japan would most likely trigger Honda to depend on the US R&D team for the development of the company’s future vehicles.

Their assessments also suggested that Honda’s US R&D team will most likely handle the added responsibilities well since they were previously in charge of the development of the Acura NSX which is a hybrid sports car and they were able to handle this well. Aside from that, the team is currently in-charge of the development of the newly-refreshed Civic as well as the upcoming versions of the Honda Accord wagons and coupes.


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