Honda’s Upcoming Advanced Safety Technologies

Aside from developing developing a number of new hybrid powertrains, it was recently known that Honda is also involved in the development of a few advanced vehicle safety technologies that would be featured on some of the company’s upcoming vehicle models five or ten years from now.

According to some reliable sources, of all the advanced safety technologies that the Japanese car maker is working on, Honda is currently focusing its attention on the development and testing of the Advanced Cruise Control system, Autonomous Emergency Brake, and the Green Wave.

Based on the information provided by the same sources, Autonomous Emergency Brake is considered as system that predicts the presence of pedestrians and brings the vehicle to a full stop in an emergency situation just like the City Safety system developed by Volvo.

Honda’s Autonomous Emergency Brake system makes use of a millimeter-wave radar and a camera which is mounted on the vehicle’s windshield. The radar is responsible for scanning some of the objects ahead of the vehicle. The windshield-mounted camera on the other hand takes charge of verifying the shape of the objects ahead using a pedestrian-detection scheme. The system is also capable of pulling the vehicle to a stop even when its running at a speed of 37 miles per hour.

The Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control also uses the camera and the radar system used by the Autonomous Emergency Brake system. The system takes charge of scanning up to six cars ahead of the vehicle and predicts the motions of the drivers of the said cars using an advanced logic system. When the system detects that any of the cars ahead suddenly change lanes, this will preemptively slow the vehicle down and maintain a safe distance from the other cars.

Finally, the Green Wave technology that will be featured on the upcoming Honda models allows the vehicle to calculate the amount of time that it would take before the traffic light changes from green to red and vice versa. The system is equipped with a receiver that receives the data transmitted by the traffic lights regarding the current state of their lights.

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