How to avoid being nabbed for speeding

The technology war between the speeding motorists and police still goes on. Each side are trying to upgrade their electronic gadgets in order to gain advantage of the situation. Law enforcers on the road are now using faster vehicles and even motorbikes to trail on speeding motorists to issue tickets for violating the law that sets a prescribed maximum speed when running on a particular road.

Besides their powerful and high-speed vehicles, traffic police are currently using radars to detect the exact speed of speeding motorists enabling them to determine if motorists are driving beyond the prescribed speed limit. This gadget prompts them to conduct a chase and issue violation tickets to violator of traffic rules. The common radar used by most traffic enforcers is shown below.

Radars used by police to detect over speeding motorists

The police are also using camera devices and red light intersection cameras to nab over speeding motorists. These tools are usually installed on strategic areas where over speeding usually take place. Based on the images captured by these cameras, traffic enforcers can easily decide on issuing traffic violation tickets to violators. These technologies intensify the thrill of the cat-and mouse game played by traffic enforcers and motorists.

Motorists on the other hand are also using gadgets and electronic devices to detect radars and cameras used by traffic enforcers. These tools recognize the presence of radars and red-light cameras in areas traveled by the vehicle so as to avoid getting nabbed for over speeding. Some of these gadgets are commercially distributed and costs a few hundred dollars.

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