How to find an Eco-Friendly car

Finding an Eco-Friendly car can be a daunting task to any consumer. Buyers, now more than ever are environmentally and monetarily more conscious than in years past. Whether the reason for your search is for a healthier environment or for combating the sky rocketing fuel costs, this article will be sure to guide you in the right direction.

There are two main types of vehicles that are classified as Eco-Friendly. That being said, there are also several different manufacturers starting to produce these types of vehicles. Ford, Nissan, GM and Toyota have been the front-runners in producing vehicles for an alternate way of driving. Below I will try to explain the two types of Eco-Friendly vehicles in production today. The first Eco-Friendly car is called the Plug-In Hybrid models. These vehicles are capable of being powered by gas,battery or both.

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