Hyundai and Kia Faced with Lawsuits for Providing False Fuel-economy Claims

Korean car makers Hyundai and Kia are currently facing a lot of lawsuits in different parts of the country and all of these legal actions were triggered by the exaggerated fuel-economy released by the two.

Based on the information provided by reliable sources, a lot of unhappy consumers in different areas all over the US have started to file the appropriate lawsuits against Kia and Hyundai. The sources have also confirmed that all of the lawsuits filed are demanding that the two carmakers would provide the complainants with the needed compensation since most of them incurred larger fuel expenses when they purchased vehicles produced by Kia and Hyundai.

These complainants are demanding for compensation from the two Korean car makers since they were encouraged to purchase vehicles that were produced by Kia and Hyundai vehicles since the two car manufacturers claimed that these automobiles higher fuel-economy ratings and these claims were publicized so as to attract more buyers.

Unfortunately, most of the buyers have recently found out that such claims were exaggerated and the vehicles that they have purchased are consuming more fuel compared to what the car makers’ estimates have promised.

Given the number of complaints and lawsuits faced by the two car makers, Hyundai has started implementing a newly-formulated reimbursement program that seeks to resolve the issue and encourage the buyers who are claiming that they were fooled by the exaggerated fuel economy claims not to seek legal remedies or file lawsuits against the two car makers involved .

According to Hyundai Motor America’s spokesman Jim Trainor, the reimbursement program that was recently implemented by Hyundai could be considered as the faster and most effective remedy to the issue on hand since this well allow the Korean car maker to provide a lifetime reimbursement of the fuel costs that were associated with the company’s rating adjustment together with a 15 percent premium.

Although this particular remedy is a bit tempting, a lot of affected buyers are not yet satisfied with what Hyundai is offering. Since Hyundai is very much willing to defend its compensation program, a lot of car experts are expecting a lot of lawsuits and a series of legal battles that would most likely shook Hyundai’s well-established reputation in the US

Kia Motors America on the other hand choose not to make any comment regarding the issue since they are thinking that it would be inappropriate for them to provide one given that they were not yet able to read the latest legal complaint that was filed against them. However, KMA’s officials have assured the public that it it

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