Hyundai’s Approach: Improved Fuel Economy Instead of Hybrids

Hyundai has recently confirmed that the company will not be using the same approach that the other car makers are using in order to improve the fuel economy ratings of the vehicles that they would be offering for sale in the market.

According to Hyundai, the company has decided to refrain from producing more hybrid vehicle models as their way of achieving better fuel economy ratings. Instead Hyundai would be focusing most of their attention on the development of new technologies that will improve the fuel consumption of their vehicles. This could mean that the Korean car maker will most likely increase the amount of resources that their research and development could use to further improve the fuel economy ratings of their upcoming car models.

This strategy was probably part of Hyundai’s commitment of providing its growing number of customers with cheaper yet dependable car models. Hyundai opted not to join the trend of producing more hybrids since these vehicles are commonly sold at relatively higher prices and not all of the car buyers are capable of handling the costs of these vehicles. In addition to this, a lot of hybrid car owners are currently having a hard time in dealing with the payments of the hybrid cars that they have purchased and this is what Hyundai would want to avoid.

Hyundai has actually ventured into the production of hybrid cars and the results were quite impressive. However, they still decided to temporarily stop the production of new hybrid car models despite the success of their gas-electric models such as the Kia Optima Hybrid and the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid since the company is set to take on a unique approach towards greater fuel-efficiency.

Although a lot of car experts are expecting that this particular policy would possibly cut Hyundai’s overall sales output given that the US federal government is planning to impose more laws to further reduce the volume of t greenhouse gases emissions, the company is still optimistic that they can come up with an effective strategy to comply with these upcoming regulations.

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