Important Facts about the First Pedestrian Airbag Developed by Volvo

Volvo has finally announced that the company’s group of vehicle safety personnel were able to develop the first pedestrian airbag in the history of the automotive industry. According to Volvo, this development could be considered as one of the most significant break-through in the field of vehicle safety at present since this will greatly benefit the pedestrians, car drivers, and owners.

Based on the announcement provided by Volvo, the pedestrian airbag that the company would soon be using in most of its vehicle models will help in preventing the pedestrian from incurring serious injuries in the event that he or she was hit by a Volvo car. In developing this safety technology, Volvo’s safety engineers have identified the most common and the most fatal injuries that pedestrians might incur when hit by a speeding car. As a result, they were able to develop an airbag system that could prevent such injuries.

Volvo has also stressed-out that this technology will make its official debut on the Volvo V40. The pedestrian airbag will be using a system which is equipped with 7 sensors. The sensors will be responsible for alerting the system when the front of the car comes in contact with any object. As soon as the sensors were able to send a signal that the vehicle might be hitting something in front, the system will then be activated. Its pyrotechnic mechanism will release the rear portion of the car’s hood.

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