Inventory Rebounds and Oil Price Increase Might Increase the Sales of Prius

Toyota Motor Corporation sees that the continuous increase in the prices of fuel and higher inventory stocks would eventually boost the demand for their iconic Toyota Prius this year and in the near future. This assumption was triggered by the notion that buyers would start purchasing hybrid cars again to obtain vehicles with lesser fuel consumption and earn greater savings from reduced fuel expenses. Since the Prius consumes lesser fuel, this could become a top option among buyers who are conscious of their annual fuel expenses.

Toyota’s assumption regarding the possibility that buyers would start buying hybrid cars again is quite possible since the latest statistics revealed that the price of gasoline in the US right now is about $3.38 per gallon and this could possibly increase in the next few months or in the first quarter of the following year. Due to this, car buyers would most likely turn their attention to the purchase of more fuel efficient car models like the Prius.

Since the current supply of the Toyota Prius in the US is high, Toyota expects that they would surely earn a significant increase in sales of this model. Although there are still a lot of hybrid cars that will compete with the Prius when the demand for hybrid cars soar up, Toyota is confident that their top-selling gas-electric model would be able cope with the stiffer competition posed by its closest competitors.

In addition to this, the extension of the Prius’ line-up characterized by the introduction of the Prius V which is a larger wagon version of the original hatchback into the US automobile market would surely allow Toyota to establish an edge over its closest competitors. Aside from that the Prius C which is a subcompact version of the original model will be added to the line-up in 2012 and this would further strengthen Toyota’s presence in the hybrid car division.

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