Kia Launched a New

Kia Motors has recently launched a new website and this is intended to provide greater benefits to individuals such as analysts, reporters, and anyone who is interested in doing researches about the products and services provided by the Korean car maker.

In a press release dated November 15, 2012, Kia revealed that the newly-redesigned is now live and very much ready in providing the public with the relevant information regarding the company such as the latest product information, virtual press kits about the news regarding or connected to Kia, and high-resolution videos.

Based on the information included on the press release, the recently-launched Kia website was developed by the company’s partner which known as the DMT Development Systems Group for almost a year. Prior to its actual launch, the new website was subjected to a focus-group testing which involved more than 25 journalists from web, print, and social media entities. During the testing process, the developer has utilized some of the most relevant outlets such as the automotive news, business, general news, and lifestyle stories.

But despite of the changes that were implemented, it is quite clear that the current website’s appearance has a number of resemblances with previous one. A good example of this is the impressive use of white spaces found on the strategic areas of the website. But aside from the few characteristics that were carried over from the previous website, the developer has incorporated a lot of new features just like the larger buttons that allow the user to access the virtual showroom’s major subsections. In addition to this, DMT has also increased the new version’s functionality and installed clearer navigation menus.

When asked regarding the company’s decision of changing the website, Kia Motors America’s executive vice president for marketing and communications Michael Sprague explained that this move was basically triggered by the car maker’s realization that the best time for the website to change and emerge as the industry’s leader was again was now. He also stressed out that the changes implemented were also sparked by the KMA’s commitment to provide the public with more informative and easy-to-use virtual showroom.

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