Kia Motors America Achieved the Best First Half Sales in the Company’s History

Kia Motors America (KMA) is currently considered as one of the fastest growing car makers in the US this year in terms of sales. This is because KMA has achieved the best first half sales in the entire history of the company. Based on the company’s records, KMA’s impressive sales and growth momentum has reached its highest peak before the first half of 2012 has ended.

KMA was able to sell about 51,326 units in the month of June alone and this marked a 13.9 sales increase compared to the same period in 2011. This sales output has also helped the brand to achieve its best ever quarter by selling a total of 150,647 units within three months. Given this trend, KMA has extended its record-setting performance for 22 months now.

KMA’s impressive sales output for the month of June this year was basically triggered by the increasing demands for its mid-size sedan which is the Optima and the Sorento which is crossover utility vehicle model. The increasing demand for the Optima which started in the later parts of 2011 allowed KMA to sell more than 70,000 units of these. The Sorento’s actual sales output has also reached its peak but this is relatively lower than what the Optima sedan has obtained.

Kia’s excellent sales figures in the US has also benefitted its policy of introducing more fuel-efficient vehicle choices for this year and the consumers have positively reacted to this since the prices of fuel in the country continue to rise.

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