Lexus Topped the Initial Quality Survey by J.D. Power Once Again

Lexus has once again claimed the top spot of the 2012 Initial Quality Survey conducted by J.D. Power. This was the second straight year that Lexus occupied the top spot. According to the results of the study, majority of the vehicles produced by Lexus for this year earned higher marks compared to those that are produced by General Motors, Nissan, and Toyota. The models that were able to obtain higher marks and boosted the brand’s journey to the top of the 2012 IQS list are the Lexus ES 350, RX, and LS.

The IQS study conducted by J.D. Power identifies the problems that most vehicle owners are experiencing from the vehicles that they have purchased. The study focuses on two particular aspects of the vehicle and these are the problems caused by the vehicle’s design and the manufacturing- and engineering-related malfunctions and defects.

The 2012 IQS study revealed that Lexus obtained an average of 73 problems per 100 vehicle units. This average allowed Lexus to occupy the top spot since other nameplates obtained higher digits. The second spot of the list are currently occupied by Porsche and Jaguar. Each of them got the average 75 problems per 100 vehicles. Cadillac came in at third with an average of 80 problems per 100 vehicles while Honda got the fourth spot with an average of 83.

Other car makers such as Volkswagen, Mitsubishi and Land Rover, Ford, Mini, Scion, and Smart occupied the list’s Bottom 10. The Chrysler group as well as its corporate parent also obtained poor marks and their relatively higher averages pushed their respective ranks to the Bottom 10 spots. Although it is quite natural for cars to encounter problems, a lot of car buyers are still very particular with the initial quality of the vehicle that they are purchasing. Due to this attitude, the car makers who belonged to the Bottom 10 should at least try their best to improve the initial quality conditions of the vehicles that they release on the automobile market.

Topping the 2012 Initial Quality Study conducted by J.D. Power, is currently considered as a great accomplishment on the part of Lexus since this is usually used as an indicator to determine the vehicle’s long term durability. This simply means that buyers who are in search for durable vehicles will most likely consider the results of the IQS in selecting the make of the next vehicles that they would buy. Since Lexus is currently on top, most of these buyers would probably consider this nameplate as their top choice.





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