Malibu, Aveo, Impala, and Cobalt: A comparison of Chevy Sedans

Chevy sedans are one of the best options when you are in search for an American built vehicle to purchase. Although a lot of imported sedans are available on the market right now, Chevy vehicles are still considered as one of the most dependable car make in the US. In case you can are interested in buying a Chevy sedan, this article would help you choose your vehicle by providing the important facts about the Malibu, Aveo, Impala, and the Cobalt.


Chevy Malibu

The Chevy Malibu was awarded as the North American car of the year against its closest competitor which is the 2008 Honda Accord. Since the competition for customers among mid-size sedan brands is intense, Chevy has retained excellent features of the Malibu such as the fuel-saving capability, automatic stop, and restart mechanism.

In addition to this, the Malibu adheres to the government standards of covering 35 miles with one gallon of fuel consumption. The Malibu is also equipped with cameras for perimeter views, lane departure warning, and front and rear obstacle detection system.

Chevy Aveo

The Chevy Aveo is appropriate for car buyers that are after for affordability. This sub-compact vehicle is considered as the cheapest in its class. Although it is least expensive, the Aveo utilizes some of ornate features found in other Chevy sedans.

The Chevy Aveo also provides plenty of space for its occupants, a feature that is rarely seen in most sub-compacts vehicles. In addition to this, the Aveo has an excellent fuel economy that allows its owner to save on fuel expenses.

Chevy Impala

The Impala is an attractive sedan with cleaner lines and well-rounded fenders that make it look like the vehicle is hugging the road. The LS versions looks sporty compared to other sedans and it also has an excellent power steering feature that provides additional driving comfort.

Chevy Cobalt

The Chevy Cobalt is also an affordable sedan with an impressive exterior. This sedan is fuel efficient, one of the most reliable, and safety vehicle in its class. In addition to this, the Cobalt has several solid features similar to the Pontiac G5. The only difference between the features incorporated in both vehicles is that the Cobalt has a better body style that makes it more attracted compared to the Pontiac.

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